Sports Agency-Combine/Pro-day/Draft Prep Nutrition Coaching

Sports Agency-Combine/Pro-day/Draft Prep Nutrition Coaching

A 8 week monthly contract for custom nutrition planning based around the athlete's activity level and times of day they train. I break the nutrition down into specific daily calories then macronutrients and give nutrient timing. For example, if the athlete trains at 3pm, we will focus their carbohydrates around that workout for optimal performance and recovery. I also give scenarios for 2x day workouts and rest days. Each athlete has different schedules and I customize the plan to fit their lifestyle. In addition to the macronutrient breakdown, I will give sample menus, snack ideas, food choices and educate them on the best food choices when presented with options such as in school or on the road. Any plan modifcations as needed with change of schedule or nutritional/athleteic goals.
The Plan:

1st month: 
1 hour intake meeting
45 min follow up meeting where we will review the plan I made for the athlete
(2) 20 minute weekly meetings (on phone/facetime) to go over questions, progress challenges and changes 

Next month: 
(4) 20 minute weekly meetings (phone/facetime)  or in person if at a facility. 

We will discuss supplements (all backed by science) including creatine, protein, electrolytes, omega 3s and any other supplements or questions they may have. I suggest all athletes get as many nutrients as possible from whole foods, in some scenarios supplements come in handy but they are not required. 

We will also review hydration, lifestyle and sleeping patterns to get the best recovery possible.  

If there is a coach who would like to speak with me I will work directly with them to reach the athlete's goals in training.  

Starting at $800 for 8 weeks 



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