Functional Nutrition Coaching -1 Month

Functional Nutrition uses food to heal the body and gets it back into balance. Beginning with a comprehensive intake interview together with a review of lab work and any recommended tests, we will come up with a nutritonal plan to get you to optimal health through the use of nutrition. 

The Plan:

A comprehesive look at lab work, ordering additonal lab work, discuss hormones, gut health, digestion, autoimmune disorders
1 hour intake interview
(4) 20 min meetings monthly plus 

Evaluation of current nutritional, athletic and lifestyle practices.

Customized calorie based macronutrient program with education on macronutrients.

Access to coach for 1 month as needed and mandatory weekly check focused on body composition, performance, sleep and eating changes. Program changes as needed to reach goals.


Program includes:

Detailed portions and nutrient timing based on your workout schedule and lifestyle to reach athletic goals. Supplement, vitamin & mineral recommendations.


Nutritional education.

Tips on how to stay on track when eating out, travelling and social events.


Perfect for those whose weight loss has stalled, have digestion issues, homrone disregulation, or autimmune disorders.

3 month plan available.

Once you purchase the online coaching, we will be in touch to schedule a call. Please look for an email from us. We use email, phone and facetime tools for communication. We look forward to working with you!




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