Evaluation of Lab Work

Evaluation of Lab Work

Comprehensive look at and interpretation of current lab work from a functional medicine approach. Functional guidelines are for preventive medicine rather than diagnosing current illness . We can often times see mutiples markers which lead us to conclusions that alopathic medicine may not see. We'll evaluate all current lab work and design a plan to improve on any present concerns. 


Perfect for anybody who wants a deeper look at their functional health, thyriod, hormones, weightloss, sports performance, hydration, energy, sleep. Will help those who have ongoing issues that haven't found an answer from their traditional doctors.


We work with GI-MAP, Spectracell, DUTCH and more.


Fees start at $250. Ordering lab work will be an additional cost.

If you have an upcoming annual check up you can request specific tests to be done and that report can be used for our consultation. We will communicate via email, facetime and phone.




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