Professional Athlete Functional Sports Nutrition

Professional Athlete Functional Sports Nutrition

Geared towards elite and professional athletes. 

For those looking to take their performance, body composition and overall lifestyle to the next level. Focusing on nutrition will help career longevity, prevent injury, increase strength and speed. We will create a customized plan that fits your exact lifetsyle and goals while educating you on changes to your diet, sleep, food quality, lifestyle, recovery and supplement choices.  

The 3 months concierge functional sports nutrition program will include:

  • 1 hour intake reviewing current nutrition habits, lab work, goals, medical conditions * can include strength & conditiong coach as requested 
  • 1 hour follow up to review plan (lab work if ordered)
  • (4)  20 min meeting (phone or facetime) monthly 
  • Access to the nutrition coach through the 3 months via phone, text, email  or facetime/zoom
  • Comprehensive plan with nutrient timing, macronutrients, meal ideas, snacks, hydration protocol, supplement recommenedation, ordering and detailed timing chart for all supplements, vitamin and minerals.
  • Learning best practice for grocery shopping 
  • Injury prevention/ post procedure recovery 
  • Body Gem metabolic testing (if in person)
  • Addressing functional health such as gut health, digestion, horomone balance, sleep, stress, injuries, autoimmunity, etc. 



Additional Options:

  • Body Gem Metabolic test.
  • Personal chef for meal prep.
  • Assistance with meal prep - delivery in specific cities & cooking lessons
  • Ordering lab work and interpretation
  • Grocery shopping assistance (delivery upon request) ,
  • Grocery lists set up for Instcart, Fresh Direct, Amazon, Vitacost 


Pricing is determined based up individual needs. Please call or email for pricing free consultation. 

This athlete nutrition program is very customozable depending on the needs of the client. We also welcome inquiries from sports coaches and agents. Communication for this program will include face to face if located in NY or Atlanta, together with email, facetime and phone.



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