Your Nutritional Game Plan

You train hard year round to obtain your exercise goals. It's time to put the same effort into your nutrition. What goes into your body affects your output.

The world's top athletes all agree - proper nutrition has taken them from great to elite.  

Every body is different and we understand that nutrition is not an easy task which is why we have developed customized nutrition packages to fit your specific needs as an athlete. We cover:

  • education

  • grocery shopping

  • optimal performance

  • weight gain/loss

  • hydration

  • gut health 

  • post injury recovery

  • injury prevention

  • recipes

  • environmental & hormonal health 

  • lifetime skills for sustained results

Jaclyn, as a functional medicine nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition, has the knowledge and tools needed to set you up for success on and off the field. Functional sports nutrition incorporates functional medicine nutrition into active lifestyles by addressing areas such as gut health, digestion, IBS/IBD, autoimmunity,  SIBO, food sensitivities, celiac,  hormone balance, micronutrients, hydration, metabolic pathways, injury recovery and sleep patterns through nutrition.  She works with all levels, from active gym goers to professional athletes. 

The reassurance of evidence based science is applied to all nutritional programs and supplement suggestions for all drug tested sports. 

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We know that optimal nutrition can help athletic performance and recovery time from training, games and injury, ensuring more time on the field, races, court or course- where ever your sport takes you. We offer several packages geared towards the elite athlete whether they are  at college,  playing professionally or amateur athletes training for that next meet, game, tournament or goal.

Sports Nutrition – focused on athletic performance, recovery, injury prevention, body composition, carrer longevity and athletic goals sports nutrition brings nutrient timing and specific training protocols into account. Functional Sports Nutrition incorporates functional medicine nutrition into sports by addressing areas such as gut health, digestion,  IBS/IBD, autoimmunity, hormone balance, micronutrients, hydration, metabolic pathways, injury recovery and sleep patterns through nutrition. My education and experience in functional medicine nutrition allows me to integrate these areas into sports nutrition for a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle plan for athletes at all levels.

We  also work with coaches or sports agents in preparation for Combine or Proday as well as current professional athletes coaching them into peak nutritional performance. Package information is listed below but you are also welcome to email Jaclyn to talk about your specific needs for your athlete.



James Carpenter 

NFL Player Atlanta Falcons

Phoenix  C,  

Martial Arts Fighter 

Arie Kouandjio

NFL Player Washington Redskins

Steve Mclendon

NFL Player,  NY Jets


College Football Player

Andreas V.  

OCR & Ultra Endurance Athlete 

Anne L,  

Muay Thai Fighter

Kari Pearce,

CrossFit Games Athlete

Fittest Woman in America 2016

Kaitlin M.

National Weightlifter 48 kg

Brittlan Wall,

Weightlifter 64kg



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