Jaclyn brings over 20 years of  experience and her passion for a strong, healthy lifestyle to others through personal training, nutritional coaching and fitness lifestyle training.


She has worked with 100's of clients of all fitness levels- including performance sports, competitive bodybuilders, weightlifters, MMA fighters, CrossFit and endurance athletes. Whether you are looking to increase strength, lose weight, become more active, or train for competition, Jaclyn develops a program for every type of goal. 

We also train and coach those who are interested in transforming their bodies for bikini body competitions, those who want to get into bikini ready shape and brides  to be. Learn more.

We work with all levels from everyday gym goers to professional athletes. By signing up to FITMISSNYC's online programs you are gaining access to Jaclyn's knowledge and guidance for a fraction of the cost of monthly personal training.

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