If you are ready for a serious change in your body, that incorporates customized exercise programming and professional nutrition coaching,  then these packages are for you. Whether to want to compete in bikini body competitions or just get in the best shape of your life we can get you there. 


Bikini Body - Who Is This Good For?

Anybody who is ready to make a change to their body and is willing to learn, commit to change and dedicate time to become the best version of themselves. Similar to the dedication of the competition package, you must be willing to put in at least 5 hours per week in the gym plus nutrition planning and meal prep. Timelines vary as each person comes to us at a different level with various goals. Reach out to us for a complimentary intake phone call to discuss your current physical and nutritional status, specific goals and ideal plan of action.


Bikini Competition Packages

Bikini Competition Package  - Who Is This Good For?

Anybody who is an experienced athlete or is comfortable in the gym, especially the weight room. If you currently lift weights, have a fit body and are looking to take things to the next level by getting on stage to compete this package is for you. We recommend that you give yourself at least 12 weeks to prepare for stage but a longer time period is always encouraged. We can build muscle while losing body fat at a comfortable pace which is healthy for your body, hormones and long term success. You are driven, dedicated to change, comfortable in the weight room, understand basic nutrition and are ready to learn how to take your body to the next level. Average gym commitment time is 5-10 hours weekly depending on body type and timeline. You must also be willing to put in time toward your nutrition planning and meal prep.

All plans are customized to fit each person’s lifestyle and experience level. We can work with the equipment you have available, experience level and ability to perform specific movements. From beginner to experienced athlete we will create a plan that enables you to reach your goals with sustained results.  We are here to guide you through the process for long term success. 


Your Coach Jaclyn...

Your partner in your fitness journey

Jaclyn has over 20 years experience in the weight room. From high school and college sports to becoming a personal trainer, she is no stranger to working hard to achieve goals and assisting in body transformations. As an NPC competitor Jaclyn has placed 4th in both of her competitions. She is currently a competitive masters level weightlifter.  Jaclyn takes pride in continuing her education and developing her expertise in sports nutrition and exercise science to provide her clients with the most effective, safest programming to her clients and team members.


Not only does she help transform your body,  she educates you on the science behind the programming, how to eat healthy for a lifetime and the process of a bikini transformation. Her passion for fitness and nutrition can be seen in all aspects of her personal and professional life. Jaclyn's dedication to helping others achieve their fitness goals shines through her individual care for each client.


She a MS in Nutritional Sciences,  a NASM certified personal trainer, USAW-L1 weightlifting coach, CISSN Sports Nutritionist, Precision Nutrition PN1 , TRX certified trainer and Certified Spinning instructor . She is also a member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and National Strength & Conditioning Association studying for her CSCS.   


Kaitlin B.




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