Jaclyn Sklaver, MS, CNS, CDN, LDN

Jaclyn Sklaver has been working and competing in fitness and sports performance for over 20 years. She holds a Masters in Nutritional Sciences (emphasis on functional medicine nutrition), is a board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) ,  Licensed Dietetic Nutritionist in Florida and New York States, Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN), an NASM-certified personal trainer and USAW-L1 weightlifting coach. Jaclyn is passionate about sharing her active lifestyle and helping clients achieve their goals through nutrition programs and education.

In addition to active general population, she works year-round with NFL athletes as a personal nutritionist, customizing nutrition plans for peak performance. Jaclyn has worked with over 350 NFL combine prep athletes and 70 NFL vets. She spent 3 seasons at Chip Smith Performance Systems, and currently works at XPE Sports preparing football players  the NFL Draft, Combine& ProDays including athletes from University of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, LSU, Miami & Penn State. She also works with MLS, NBA, and PGA golfers as well as competitive bodybuilders, national level olympic weightlifters, MMA fighters and CrossFit athletes. 

As a competitive athlete herself - Jaclyn understands the nutritional and time demands that athletes face. Her philosophy is that each individual is different and requires their own tailored plan and approach. For people looking deeper into their health, Jaclyn combines performance nutrition with functional medicine to find the root cause of many heath issues improving her clients’ immediate performance and long-term. In addition to performance and weight loss Jaclyn’s expertise includes autoimmunity (thyroid, PCOS, Rheumatoid arthritis, etc.), gut & digestion (IBS, IDB, SIBO) hormone balance (fertility, irregular cycles, low testosterone), stress & sleep regulation. She has the experience and education to work with all diet types, educating clients on proper nutritional practices leading to sustained results. Jaclyn prides herself in the ability to understand science and share her knowledge with others.  She believes that choosing healthy nutrition is a lifestyle enhancement, and leads to longevity in everything we do.

Jaclyn holds a BA from Temple University, a MS in Nutrition from University of Bridgeport, is a board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) , member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and is currently studying for her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. She is the founder of FITMISSNYC and Athleats Nutrition , VP of Marketing for Atlanta Women in Sports and on the advisory board for Mclendon Vision Performance. 

Jaclyn is a contributing editor to Muscle & Fitness Hers, featured contributor to Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Shape, Fitness Magazine and CBS Sports.  You can see some her contributions below. She contributes recipes and articles to FurtherFood and holds educational seminars on athletic nutrition for other fitness professionals, coaches and athletes.

Gabriela Barreto, MS, RD, CDN

Gabby is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietetic Nutritionist and  Personal Trainer specializing in sports and exercise performance, weight management and disordered eating.  She obtained her Master's in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Columbia University, where she conducted research on nutrition knowledge and sports nutrition education interventions on Division I female athletes.  As for training, Gabby is a Certified Functional Strength Coach, Onnit Academy Kettlebell Specialist, and Kettlebell Athletics certified. 


She has worked with Division I college athletes at St. Francis College and Long Island University, help student-athletes build eating habits and meal plans to support their athletic and academic career.  In addition, she has implemented sports nutrition plans for USTA Pros, endurance cyclists, marathon athletes, martial artists, and soccer players.  She is currently the Sports Nutritionist for the Hofstra University Dance Team. Gabby has been working the front lines during COVID19 as a RD at Northwell Hospital in NYC helping those in need of clinical nutrition interventions. 


Making changes to improve your performance and lifestyle can be challenging, 

physically mentally and emotionally. Gabby's approach to client care involves education and counseling to help you make these changes.  She considers her client's goals while counseling them to maintain a healthy mental and emotional attitude in the process.

Jessica Coghill, MS

Jessica Coghill is a Certified Functional Nutritionist with an MS in Clinical Nutrition, a Certified Reiki Practitioner, and die-hard lover of delicious food and all things nature. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Bridgeport, a top university for integrative medicine. Jessica practices Reiki, which she studied at The Omega Center in Rhinebeck, N.Y. Through this, Jessica  has seen first-hand the tremendous physical and mental therapeutic quality of combining energy work, functional nutrition, and mindfulness.


Before finding this path, Jessica had endless struggles with various health conditions. Once she began applying functional nutrition to herself, her health greatly improved. She is enjoys sharing her knowldge and experience with her  clients. 

Heather McBride

Heather  McBride is a Nutrition Coach, who completed a BS in Human Nutrition and Foods (ACEND) with honors from the University of Houston. Heather is currently working on an MS in Nutrition from Texas Woman's University and is on track to graduate in December 2021. Heather also is a USAW-L1 Olympic Weightlifting Coach and an NCI Level 1 Nutrition Coach. She found her love for nutrition after battling an eating disorder through high school and early in her undergrad. After educating herself on the nutrition she decided to pursue the field as a career and hasn’t looked back. 

Heather is a competitor and coach for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting having competed for the last few years at University/U25 Nationals. In addition to the general population,  Heather has worked with Professional Boxers, Muay Thai Fighters, Tennis Players, and Team USA/National Level Olympic Weightlifters. She believes health and athletic performance can co-exist by providing individualized nutrition and encouraging continued education for not only herself but also her clients. Heather also loves to help general weight loss clients heal their relationship with food through intuitive eating and behavior change. 

You can find Heather at the gym training for competition, coaching, or at the local coffee shop with a pastry and nutrition book in hand. Heather is always looking to try new restaurants around Houston and indulge in the sweet balance between being an athlete and enjoying good food.


Media Articles Featuring the Expertise of Jaclyn


We run educational seminars and speaking engagements on both nutrition and fitness. We can speak on topics such as:


  • Informative lectures and seminars to educate the public on proper nutrition and wellness lifestyle practices .

  • Educational seminars for coaches and athletes. 

  • Education for wellness habits & increased productivity 

  • Healthy urban eating, tips for the urban professional 

  • Meal prep guidance and education

  • Lifestyle changes, support and developing healthy habits 

  • Recipes, energizing food, increasing metabolism in the office

  • Relaxation techniques and stress management  

  • Educational lectures to fitness professionals and coaches increasing client and athlete performance through sports nutrition

  • High school & college athlete education for habit changes, increased performance and healthy lifestyle

Venues can include performance facilities, school sports complexes, corporate offices, rental buildings,  or gyms. 



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