Elite Performance Nutrition 

& Fitness Coach

M.S. Nutritional Sciences (Functional Medicine)

CNS  (Board Certified Nutrition Specialist)

LDN (Licensed Dietetic Nutritionist  )



From every day gym goers to professional athletes we work we work with active population and 100s of athletes to reach their performance, body composition, strength and recovery goals. Our unique approach combines functional medicine with sports nutrition to focus on your entire body and lifestyle. If you just want to lose weight  or have health issues such as  IBD,  PCOS, autoimmunity, hormone dysregulation or recovering from an injury our education and experience will  help change your life through nutrition. 



As an experienced leader in the fitness industry, Jaclyn works with athletes, weightlifters, bikini body competitors, new Moms, brides to be, actors/actresses, executives and those looking to take their fitness to the next level. Her programs will transform you into the body you have always wanted while learning proper nutrition and fitness protocols all  backed by evidence based science. 

We create customized fitness programming you can do at home or in the gym with the coaching and accountability needed to get sustained results. 

Our ATHLEATS  nutrition division works with active individuals from CEOs and full time Moms to  college and professional athletes. If you want to  make a change to your health, performance or body composition we can get you there. 

Jaclyn is a  M.S. in Human Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Sports Nutritionist. She designs individual programs based around your lifestyle to reach your athletic performance and body composition goals. Her programs include advice on daily meal plans, nutritional content, shopping lists, supplement suggestions, tips for eating out at restaurants, accountability and lifestyle changes for long term success.  


FITMISSNYC offers several fitness options including customized online fitness coaching, personal training and coaching for bikini body or competitions encompassing both strength and nutrition elements to become the strongest, healthiest version of yourself.  All of our programs are evidence based following scientific principles of training and nutrition for optimal , long term results. 

Jaclyn designs customized fitness programming for sports performance, strength & conditioning, bikini body, bikini competition, weightloss and cross training programs. She uses scientific principles of exercise science combined with your current fitness level and lifestyle to create an ideal plan to reach your body composition and performance goals with sustained results. 


FITMISSNYC & ATHLEATS Nutrition run educational seminars and speaking engagements on both nutrition and fitness. We can speak on topics such as:

  • Educational seminars for fitness professionals and coaches increasing client and athlete performance through sports nutrition

  • High school & college athlete education for nutritional habit changes, increased performance and healthy lifestyle

  • Corporate education for wellness habits & increased productivity 

  • Diet trends and styles including keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian,  whole 30 and more

  • Healthy eating & shopping tips for the urban professional 

  • Meal prep guidance and education

  • Lifestyle changes, support and developing healthy habits 

  • Recipes, energizing food, increasing metabolism in the office

  • Relaxation techniques and stress management  

  • General nutrition and wellness lifestyle practices 

Venues can include performance facilities, schools, sports complexes, corporate offices, apartment complexes,  or gyms.



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